Symptom Checker

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Racing Heartbeat
1.Do you experience shortness of breath during routine activities?
shortness breath rest/lying
2.Do you experience shortness of breath while at rest/lying down?
shortness breath
3.Do you feel short of breath while lying flat and feel the need to stack multiple pillows to sleep well?
white or pink blood tinged mucus
4.Do you experience persistent wheezing / coughing that produces white or pink blood tinged mucus?
swelling feet, ankles and legs
5.Do you have swelling in the feet/ ankles/legs (shoes feel tighter) or abdomen?
Feel Tired
6.Do you feel tired while doing routine activities such as shopping, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or walking?
Loss of Appetite
7.Have you experienced loss of appetite (frequent feeling of being full) or nausea recently?
Confusion, Disorientation or Loss of Memory
8.Do you feel any of these symptoms - confusion, disorientation or loss of memory?
Racing Heartbeat
9.Do you often feel that you are having a racing heartbeat and experience palpitations?